Tuesday, August 17, 2010

IFLA On Vacation, but Crown Heights Never Sleeps

(Crown Heights, looking north from a fire escape on Eastern Parkway in March)

I'll be miles from email until next Tuesday or Wednesday, but despite my delusions, the world will keep spinning and Crown Heights will keep hopping. In the past few days alone, I've gotten a pile of emails from people about great happenings in the neighborhood, some of which are linked below. Also, many, many thanks to all of those who read the jury duty series, and for your kind words. It was a unique, intense experience, but your comments have been incredibly rewarding.

Also, if you're in need of Crown Heights news, history, and information in the next week (or at any point thereafter), look no further than Nostrand Park, Crown Heights' Virtual Town Square. If you aren't familiar with these guys, check their site out, stat, because they have a great team of bloggers bringing you everything from up-to-the-minute Crown Heights news to great photos, video, and in-depth interviews with locals from all walks of life. They're much more than a blog, too -- funded by the Fund for the City of New York, they're in the process of becoming a neighborhood org and creating a series of events to celebrate the neighborhood, including their first initiative, Destination Nostrand, which will bring an outdoor plaza celebrating the area's unique Caribbean heritage to a vacant lot sometime in Spring of 2011. No matter who you are, Nostrand Park should be your first online stop for all things Crown Heights (IFLA, of course, should be a close second).

Finally, some more great happenings (and don't forget Wash Ave Rocks, posted below, on Saturday the 21st):

- Force and Flow have a "Healing Through the Elements" class on Saturday at 12:15.

- If you want to venture north into Bed-Stuy, City Harvest, Carrot Mob and The Brooklyn Food Coalition are conducting a bodega cooking class this Saturday. More info here.

- If you'd rather head for Park Slope/Gowanus, Rooftop Films has their closing event on Friday.

- Finally, you can read a great testimonial about Park Delicatessen here. Check it out - Crown Heights if full of the best people!


  1. Also, trivia is back at Franklin Park. Wednesdays at 9:00! Finally!

  2. Thanks for the great shout out, Nick! Funny enough, yours is actually the first place I turn to in the morning ... even before logging onto my own site. Let's hear it for Crown Heights bloggers. And have a great vacation!

  3. This time, I will agree to Laurel. This is a funny stuff. And I also want to thank you for that good shout out. Thank you for sharing this post.