Thursday, September 16, 2010

Crow Hill's Creative Underclass

If you're in the visual arts, there are a pair of ways to be seen this month on Franklin (and for those of us who like to hang around artists, there are great things to see).

- On Saturday and Sunday, in honor of their 25th Anniversary, the Crow Hill Community Association (next meeting is this coming Tuesday - more on that later), will be turning the construction fence at Franklin and Eastern into a fantastic mural. If you have a great idea, it's not too late to submit a drawing and claim a panel! Details can be found here, and even if you're not an artist, they could use your support on Saturday and Sunday.

- Monday marks the submission deadline for the first (hopefully annual) Crow Hill Film Festival, a joint venture from community creativity-promoters (I made that term up, but it fits, right?) Five Myles and Breukelen Coffee House, with additional help from LaunchPad. It's probably a little late to make a film (unless you want to bang out a quick documentary about the CHCA mural), but if you've got work you want to show (under 30 minutes), go to The festival will run up and down Franklin October 7-9, and Nostrand Park has the complete press release.

I couldn't help but notice the use of Crow Hill in both of these projects - now that Nostrand Park has given us the boundaries of Crown Heights, can we get the boundaries of Crow Hill?

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