Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Primaries matter, especially in local elections (large chunks of Brooklyn will go back to farming before they go Republican), so get out and pull some levers today! Polls are open from 6am - 9pm, and you can find your polling place here.


  1. by "pull the levers" you mean fill out a scantron sheet and have the new computerized machines read it...right? change is so scary!

  2. New to New York. I refuse to belong to either of the evil ones destroying America and generating fictitious divisions. Can I still vote in the primaries here, in the hopes of eliminating the most heinous greedy candidates propped up solely by special interests? Or is this state totally lost to the crimes bosses (I mean party bosses)?

  3. Yeah, Scantron . . . definitely had SAT flashbacks. As for party primaries, NY's are closed, and probably aren't going to open up anytime soon (we're not that far removed from Tammany, after all).