Tuesday, October 05, 2010

More Photo Fun - Digital Cameras for Brooklyn's High School Students

A local photographer and educator sent this in - she's trying to win a grant from Pepsi's "Refresh Everything" campaign to teach digital photography to local high school students. Check out her blurb below, and if you like it, vote for her. You can learn more here.

The "Redirecting our Identity" project will benefit students from different Brooklyn neighborhoods. Each student will photograph their lives and communities, while learning basic techniques in photography. The idea is to shoot and swap images by students from different Brooklyn neighborhoods and discuss issues that matter to them. The title of the project "Redirecting our Identity" means to take ownership of the things that matter to us as individual documentary photographers, instead of letting other people tell our stories.

Also, for all you history buffs out there, I just discovered this fantastic blog: Brooklyn in Love and at War.


  1. Misspelling "two" as "to" doesn't make me ready to open my wallet in all honesty.... especially since I had to reread the title a few times to have it make sense in my mind.

  2. To her credit, the actual page doesn't say that, and she's trying to buy 7 cameras, so I think the text in the widget may just have gotten garbled (could have been my fault in copying and pasting it).