Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Round-Up: Links and News

(Just in case you haven't encountered The Astronomical Kid yet, and also because I used to teach after-school at one of the schools in the video and I'm pretty sure some of my former students are featured in it)

Disclaimer: This roundup of links and news has no particular organizing principle, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't click on everything.

- Becku Bratu has a pair of excellent articles posted on The Brooklyn Ink. The first is an insider look at the traditions that surround the Torah in Crown Heights' synagogues, and the second, "Who Was First on Franklin Avenue," is an even-handed look at the ongoing fight over co-naming Franklin Avenue "Panama Walk."

- Heart of Brooklyn's Brooklyn Cultural Adventures Program was honored at the White House on Wednesday with a National Arts & Humanities Youth Program Award from the First Lady. Well done!

- Seeking ways to address the issues of employment and credit that were raised in the wake of the pawn shop protest (which has been shut down for violations of NYC zoning and construction laws) the Crow Hill Community Association will be hosting special meetings on jobs (November 16, 2010) and affordable credit (January 18, 2010). Representatives from borough and citywide groups working on these issues will be present, and all are encouraged to attend.

- "Wildman" Steve Brill is giving a foraging tour of Prospect Park this Saturday. Forget the Farmer's Market - this is REALLY low-impact food!

- The Crown Heights Writing Workshop is looking for more participants - I was a part of their inaugural workshop this summer found it very enriching. See the blurb below for more info:

Crown Heights Writing Workshop
This free short fiction workshop is open to any interested writer or any level. We will meet weekly at one of the current student's home and critique 2 pieces per session. Each writer will submit 2 stories over thecourse of the workshop. The workshop aims to foster a supportive, constructive environment for writers to receive additional feedback on their work.

Please e-mail Victoria at CrownHeightsWritingWorkshop(at)gmail(dot)com for more information!


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