Thursday, October 07, 2010

Vote for Crown Heights!

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Alright people, it's time to practice for election day and VOTE (if you didn't get enough practice from the last post). Two of the best organizations in Crown Heights, Nostrand Park and LaunchPad, are up for Brooklyn Do Gooder Awards.

You can vote for Laurel Brown of Nostrand Park here: I've said it before, but Nostrand Park is my first source for all things Crown Heights. They're also much more than a blog - sponsored by the Fund for the City of New York, they're a non-profit organization that works to celebrate Crown Heights in myriad ways, and to bring community members together to do so.

Mike Kunitzky and his brainchild, LaunchPad, need no introduction, because everyone in the neighborhood has some reason to go to LaunchPad, whether for CHCA meetings, band rehearsals, writing collectives, yoga classes, art openings, or whatever else they like doing. Since it opened over a year ago, LaunchPad has been a tremendous force for creativity and community on Franklin. Vote for LaunchPad here:

Get your votes out! You can vote 5 times a day through October 15, and if you do, both of these wonderful neighborhood groups will be $5,000 richer, which means Crown Heights will have ten grand of investment in the best of hands. Make haste, voters!


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  2. Thanks for the shout, Nick! And for those who have or will vote for us, super thanks!

    Nostrand Park is an all around big advocate for Crown Heights, but in particular our focus is arts, community, and commercial development in Crown Heights.

    Of course there is the website, but we've done a bunch offline as well. For instance,we recently piloted an art, shopping and dining guide for the 'hood: (emphasis on 'pilot' because it's every changing - for instance Launchpad is not yet on there).

    And, on the Franklin Ave front, we've been collaborating with CHCA to get these snazzy new trash cans for Franklin Ave:

    Thus far, our work has been 100% volunteer - so we are as "non-profit" as it gets ;-) We're the only group representing for the community development category in Crown Heights so this is a unique opportunity to bring some community development resources to our neighborhood.

    However, currently Bay Ridge has garnered over 1,700 votes, while we only have around 350. We are definitely still in the running to be a finalist, but Crown Heights needs votes!!

    Side note - have created a short survey to gauge support for Destination Nostrand: Feel free to fill it out and spread the word.

    Lastly, for Mike/Launchpad, and all others representing for Crown Heights, best of luck!

    We are not asking for money; just clicks!

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