Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Affordable Acupuncture at LaunchPad

Starting tomorrow (Wednesday), local acupuncturist Sara Calabro, founder of AcuTake Health, will be offering low-cost community acupuncture sessions at LaunchPad from 11am - 6pm. Click on the flyer above for more info, but suffice to say the the prices are extremely affordable (a sliding scale from $15-35). While ILFA has never personally tried acupuncture, several family members and friends swear by it, particularly sufferers of pain relating to muscle fatigue or chronic illnesses. At fifteen bucks, why not give it a try? (Update: I just clicked over to the NYTimes site and found an article about professional football's resident acupuncturist).

There's a lot going on around the neighborhood this week, so watch this space for quick updates of this variety (for those who miss the overweening 2,500 word think-pieces, they'll be back just as soon as finals are done, and your friendly neighborhood blogger will be armed with a whole host of new ideas from grad school).


  1. That sounds great! Just wanted to say that I think it's great to try acupuncture, but it is a modality that often depends on several (or more) sessions before the results take. So don't despair if you don't experience a change right away.

  2. This is pretty amazing news! I have been receiving acupuncture treatments since July for stress and they have made a world of difference. Thanks Launch Pad for bringing community acupuncture to the neighborhood!

  3. I saw this post last night and was able to stop in for a treatment today. I'm a huge fan of acupuncture, but have not gone regularly for a long time, due solely to money woes. Thanks to LaunchPad and to Sara for making good care more accessible, and thanks to you for telling us about it!

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