Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday on Franklin - Updated

If you're really geared up to start your Christmas shopping today, don't go stand in line in Manhattan with the chumps - pick up some great deals shopping locally! About Time Boutique is having a monster sale this weekend (flyer above), and the Breukelen Coffee House is opening their new back room vintage shop, Breukelen Vintage, today, with a party from 4pm - 11pm featuring free drinks and free music.

That's just the new stuff - as always, there are plenty of places to shop up and down Franklin. If you're new to the area (or you're traveling out for one of the events above), check out the Franklin Avenue Merchants page for a complete list of what the Avenue has to offer.

Update - the lady points out that Climax Official is also having a big weekend sale.


  1. GREAT SALE AT ABOUT TIME !!!! thanks nick for posting this !

  2. this shop sells junk no name brand grabage shop at the store accross the street if you looking for nice name brand shit

  3. yes your right no one in crown heights shops their and their going out off biz soon i spoke to the owner JAY-Z !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. about time sell only grabage no name brand shit you want real nice stuff with mames like rocaware polo prada go across the street from about time you will find the nicest stuff tell them big pun sent you