Saturday, November 20, 2010

Weekend Links

(photo credit: Adams IV, New York Daily News)

- Franklin Avenue's most colorful grocer, Tony Fisher, made international headlines this week by brewing up a 10-shot espresso drink at his coffee shop, the Pulp and the Bean. The NY Daily News, which has been good to Fisher over the years, broke the story, but other news outlets picked it up quickly, including Britain's Telegraph, which ran an article about the "Dieci" in their "Weird" section next to stories about an armless pianist and a farmer giving ganja to his ducks.

- As posted by Nat earlier this week, Tony also announced at the CHCA meeting that Fisher's will close will close for renovations in January, but that in the meantime he'll be stocking up for the holidays and welcomes any suggestions from local shoppers.

- Speaking of the CHCA, if you missed their meeting on Tuesday, click over to their website for information about credit opportunities in Crown Heights.

- In addition to credit opportunities, local entrepreur Sei Shiroma is offering resume-improvement services for locals seeking new jobs. His information and rates are below, but note that he's offering a sliding scale, so don't shy away if you don't have the cash!

Franklin Avenue Resumes
run by Sei Shiroma - English graduate and freelance editor - offers consulting, reviews, and revisions for most types of professional resumes. Fees will be determined on a case-by-case basis but clients can expect $50-$100 for a revision and $200 for an entire written-from-scratch resume.

To date, all of Sei's clients have excitedly gone on job interviews and happily accepted offers since their resume revamping - noteworthy placements include Pfizer, Grey Advertising, and ESL teacher in Korea. Consider Franklin Avenue resumes for your next career move. Email FranklinAvenueResumes {at} gmail {dot} com for more details.

- Finally, the Crown Heights Writing Workshop (of which this blogger is a proud alumnus) now has a blog, courtesy of workshop founder and leader Victoria Cho, a fabulous local writer who's appeared at past editions of the Franklin Park Reading Series.


  1. They made a joke about Tony's 10-shot espresso on SNL's Weekend Update last night! Only wish they'd referred to Pulp and Bean by name (instead of "a coffee shop in Brooklyn").

  2. I was literally about to post the exact same thing as aprizant.

  3. Thank you, Nick! Hope everything is going well with your studies!

  4. It was also featured this past week on an LX New York (WNBC) segment with field reporter, Ben Aaron (although I can't find a web link).

  5. Hey what's up Nick. I know you liked the Vegan Chili but you're going to love our New Veggie Burgers (soy or garden style)...we also have extended our Daily Vegan Food Menu and now carry some Raw 'Live' Foods...the time has come for the best Vegan Food & Drink spot on Franklin Ave to give the people what they want...So Nick stop by when you can! That goes for any & everyone!

  6. Hey Nick, thanks so much for the shout out! -Sei

  7. We heard about your renovation plans before Tony...