Tuesday, December 21, 2010

CHCA Final Meeting of the Year Tonight

ILFA will be traveling for the holidays, but if you're in the neighborhood, swing by:

Please join us
this Tuesday 12/21 at 7:30
at our December meeting
(LaunchPad 721 Franklin Avenue)
and celebrate the Holiday Season with us

We will be taking nominations for the 2011 Board of Directors.
Only current members may participate in the nomination/election process.
You are welcome to fill out an application and join on Tuesday ($30/household, $125/merchants).
To serve on the Board of Directors, one must be a member and have been active in the Association for a year.

Refreshments will be served


  1. Sorry I was unable to make it to the meeting I really wanted to be there and meet all folks in the community I will make the next one I did sent in the application and a check to CHCA
    Happy holiday to all

  2. Oh Crow Hill Jewelry,sorry we missed you at the meeting yesterday...NOT!

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