Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Coming Soon - Breukelen Vintage

They're not officially open yet - still waiting on the Dept. of Buildings for a Certificate of Occupancy - but the folks at the Breukelen Coffee House (recently named one of the "best coffeeshops for doing work" by Time Out New York) let the lady and I take a quick peek at their new back room shop, Breukelen Vintage. The limited wares look like fun - sweaters, coats, jewelery, and some quirky odds and ends - and they'll be on sale in the New Year. Take a peek behind the curtain next time you're there to check it out.


  1. I am always 100% glad for stores opening - whether they are places I will go to or not.


    I hope they run this clothing store more professionally than they run their coffee shop. I have ONLY had bad experiences there and have no friends who have good stories to tell either. The staff is rude, disinterested in their customers, and the service is incredibly slow. I know I'm not the only one who feels like I'm inconveniencing the staff to ask for a cup of coffee. Like "how dare you interrupt me watching a movie/reading a book/talking to my friends".

  2. I haven't gone there a lot. But my experiences were completely different. The staff was very friendly.

  3. Agreed, Liz. But, good for Breukelen and I sincerely mean that. But jeez, how Williamsburg chiché!

    Not to say that any and all coffee shops that open on the Ave are for the L-train crowd. ie, The Pulp & The Bean serves good and unpretentious drinks and are way more egalitarian.

  4. Liz, I don't know how you're treating the staff, but you can't be very friendly if that's the response you're getting. The Breukelen folks are nothing but friendly. If the extra time they take to chat with their nicer customers is slowing down your morning, maybe you should make your coffee at home.

    Can't wait for Breuekelen Vintage!

  5. I'm with Liz, but it actually doesn't bother me much. I like a little 'tude with my coffee. If anything, the vintage store will also extend the baristas' wardrobe-shuffle-playlist. If I've gotta wait, at least keep me entertained with a trippy novelty sweater I don't recognize from last week.

  6. I actually usually find myself particularly sensitive about staff being rude or acting arrogant...
    I find the staff at Breukelen extremely helpful and kind! They treated me to free coffee and a bagel on my birthday and every time I go in I only find nice staff!
    But to each his own...
    I will say the staff here are definitely much friendlier than a certain other CH coffee shop...

    BUT I do agree that it is a tad too [distastefully] Wburg for me, too.