Thursday, December 02, 2010

Great Gifts from Park Delicatessen

It's officially December, which means even we slackers can no longer ignore our holiday shopping. To go along with the sales and bazaars mentioned in previous posts, check out some of these holiday offerings from Park Delicatessen (on Park Place just west of Classon).

I realize I'm doing free advertising here, but there's a reason for it - shopping locally is an easy, self-interested way to build neighborhood resources and meet local merchants, who are, in my experience, a LOT more interested in hearing what customers have to say than, say, anyone working at the Atlantic Center (which becomes the 7th circle of hell around this time of year).

Enormous Champion Set of 6 letterpress Cards $18.

Campbell Raw Press letterpress Cards. $6.

The Park Delicatessen Classic Holiday Flower Arrangement $35.
Delivery available.

Check our website for more gift ideas:

Lest we forget, they're also a skate shop:

This Holiday season Park Delicatessen will be serving up Skateboard completes 3 ways, with tons of great product there"s something for everyone, and every budget.

Option A- Good
Pre assembled completes from Real, Krooked, Anti-Hero, and more. These are definitely not toys. Perfect for beginners or someone just getting into skateboarding. Tons of sizes from 7.2" all the way up to 8" wide. Ready to rock right out of the box.

Option B-Better
An unheard of great deal, choose from an assortment of decks from Alien Workshop, Zero, Toy Machine and more. Comes assembled with Venture trucks, Lucky Bearings, and Hubba Wheels. These are great for beginners all the way up to a season ripper.

Option C- Best
Choose whatever you like to make a custom complete. We have a ridiculous amount of pro model decks all of them with the most current graphics. All DIRECTLY FROM THE SOURCE. Pair it up with any trucks and wheels you like from our enormous selection. Indy bearings or maybe swiss? Whatever you like, its your choice.
$160 and up

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