Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Bazaar at Force and Flow Tomorrow

If you're looking for a place to do your holiday shopping locally, make sure to swing by Force and Flow tomorrow for their Holiday Bazaar, featuring the wares of local merchants and artisans.

Also, I had a reader ask about where to get Christmas Trees in the area, and I confess I don't know. Nam's has their annual lineup of table-sized trees and a few wreaths and holly branches, but for a full-size tree, the closest spots I know of are the Grand Army Plaza Farmer's Market and the stand at Flatbush and Dean. Anyone know of a closer spot?

Sunday, Dec 12
12 - 7PM,
Force and Flow
1102 Dean St. #4, Between Franklin & Bedford Ave's

To throw a little spice into the holiday shopping season and to offer beautiful, locally crafted alternatives to petroleum based plastic gifts from China, Force and Flow is once again organizing a holiday bazaar. Inspired by the wildly colorful markets of the Morocco, the studio will transform into an exhilarating venue for affordable hand crafted goods. Here's a chance to spend your money on gifts that support the community, sustain the environment and satisfy your taste buds all at once. With live music, bodywork samples and other suprises, this promises to be your most surprising and exhilarating shopping outing this year!

So far we have ceramics, jewelry, silkscreened items galore, hand made wallets, clothes, yoga bags, cookies, herbal tea blends, handmade cards, artwork, knits and more... We'll also have some wine and treats to keep everybody warm and happy : )


  1. Natty's garden on Washington and Dean has Xmas trees. does Mayday hardware on Washington and Sterling (?)

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