Saturday, December 11, 2010

Second Saturdays and More - The Coming Weekend and Week at LaunchPad

Saturday, December 11 at 8pm
(Second Saturday) Songs & Sounds
A collection of musicians who perform in duos each month, pairing a singer/songwriter with an improviser to explore the boundaries of expression through words, music, and improvisation.

Sunday, December 12

A variety of yoga classes throughout the day.

Monday, December 13 at 7pm

Homebrewing 101
A 'Mini Skills' class organized by Brooklyn Skillshare. A short (2-hour) introduction to the basics of homebrewing, including a demonstration explanation of the equipment, ingredients, and processes involved in brewing your own beer at home. No prior knowledge is required, and by the end of the class you should be ready to go home and make your first batch yourself!

Tuesday, December 14 at 8pm
Brooklyn Sews

A weekly sewing collective. Come work on a personal project or contribute to a group project. Bring your ideas for other
arts, crafts, mosaic, textile, etc work.

Wednesday, December 15 at 9pm
Comedy Show

90 minutes of improv comedy. Enough said.

Friday, December 17 at 8pm

Small Gray Sea Bass
This drums/guitar/saxophone trio plays original compositions and free form pieces that investigate the potential of musical communication. Listen to some samples.

Do you have a suggestion for a new event at LaunchPad? Do you have a skill or talent you want to share with others? Does your organization need a place to hold meetings? Let us know, we'll help make it happen. There is no fee to use/attend LaunchPad, only your participation is required (donations for instructors and performers are always appreciated).

Be well, we'll see you around.

721 Franklin Avenue (between Sterling and Park)
Brooklyn, NY 11238

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