Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Studebaker in Crown Heights

I've posted before about the renovated Studebaker showroom on Bedford and Sterling before, but it wasn't until a few weeks ago that I noticed this faded sign on Dean between Franklin and Classon (one for the Fading Ad Blog crew). From what I can make out, it reads "Studebaker Service Station, 1000 Dean Street," advertising a long-gone garage whose address is the building the sign is painted on. It appears that once upon a time in Crown Heights you could buy your Studebaker on Brooklyn's "Automobile Row" (click this one - great piece by Crown Heights' own Montrose Morris) and when it needed repairs, you could swing it by this service station a few blocks away. If there are any old timers out there who remember this era, by all means, share your stories!

Also, I'm adding the Fading Ad Blog to the blogroll, along with The Map Scroll. Both are great collections of interesting visual displays of information.


  1. Great find Nick. I think I have this in my Ektachrome archive (somewhere). I believe the Heinz building is near there as well. Will repost this on Fading Ad Blog if that is OK with you. Too cold to run out to get this myself. Keep me posted on new finds! Happy New Year to you and yours. Frank Jump, Fading Ad Blog

  2. Hey, thanks, definitely re-post! The Heinz building is just around the corner on Bergen.

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