Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Coming in 2011: Look for the FAM Sticker

I Love Franklin Ave is all about local businesses, and this year, we'll be sharing content with the newly-created Franklin Avenue Merchants Association, or FAM. FAM is just what it sounds like - a dues-paying organization of local merchants working together to improve their collective fortunes, and by extension, the collective fortunes of the Avenue. They're just getting started, but ideas floated so far include offering discounts, planning events, offering assistance with start-up and improvement to Franklin Avenue's entrepreneurs, and working closely with the Crow Hill Community Association on community improvement projects.

One of their very first initiatives is underway, and that's the simple process of self-identification. The image above, created (as was the FAM website) by Ground Up Designers, will soon be a window sticker displayed prominently by each of FAM's member businesses. When you're out shopping on Franklin, look for the FAM sticker - it represents a commitment (financial as well as philosophic) to a vibrant local community.


  1. Love the sticker design, looks very professional but still friendly and welcoming. I feel like that's what Franklin Ave is all about!

  2. Since CHCA is involved, I trust that the members will reflect the diversity of this community.