Friday, January 07, 2011

Hoover Dam Collective Residency Starts Tomorrow

As previously mentioned, the Hoover Dam Collective, a Crown-Heights-based multi-disciplinary arts collective, kicks off a first-Saturdays residency at LaunchPad tomorrow night at 8pm. There's more information at their website and on Facebook, and copied below.

Also, don't forget to swing by the SOS Crown Heights shooting response tonight at 186 Prospect Place.

Via Facebook:

Come check out the initiating show of the Hoover Dam Collective's residency at the Launchpad!! This is the first of a series of shows that will take place the first Saturday of every month, indefinitely. As you probably already know, the Hoover Dam Collective is a unique group of young artists who come together to collaborate on artistic projects and produce interdisciplinary shows. This show will feature:

An art gallery (with snacks and wine) from 8-9 PM, featuring dance photography by Breegan Kearney, and others

The comedic stylings of Willy Appelman and the Thunderbirds-4-Life

Hayley Swinburne's grand debut on solo ukelele

solo improvisation performance by Genna Baroni

Cosmo D, Hirshi, and Kroba collaborate to bring you an interactive sound experience like you've never witnessed before.

Check out the Hoover Dam Collective blog for more information on the show:

And the best part?? All of it is completely FREE!! Why waste your money and your Saturday night at the usual hipster hangout? Come check out this mind-blowing show, and get down with the Hoover Dam Collective!!

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