Thursday, January 06, 2011

Thursday is Art Night

Two shows open tonight in the neighborhood:

As mentioned yesterday, the American Laboratory launches "We are Nebeneinander (We are Side by Side)," a performance piece utilizing text from James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man starting at 8pm at Five Myles Gallery and running through the weekend.

Down the block at LaunchPad, an exhibit entitled "Balancing Act" opens from 8pm - 10pm, featuring the work of photographer Shane Perez, Cesar Rodriguez, Kelsey Marcus and Isobel Wohl. The artists describe the exhibit as " an exploration into the human relationship with nature, whether the nature we see outside us or the nature we find within us, and comments on our place in nature and nature’s place within us."

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  1. I attended the project at Five Myles yesterday, and I am happy to say I found the performance piece very interesting. The dialogue all comes from Joyce's Portrait of the Artist, but the milieu is current. The three actors (who seem to be playing college, or post college kids)are very talented. The piece runs about 40 minutes, after which the audience was invited to Vanderbuilt's to talk to the artists. Good food and stimulating conversation. Enjoyed the after play, but the play itself was very vivid.