Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Local Valentines Day Ideas from Park Delicatessen

ILFA is a huge proponent of shopping local, so this year, ditch the generic mail-order flowers and get your loved ones something with a little neighborhood flavor from Park Delicatessen. Local merchants, let us know if you're planning any Valentine's Day specials or sales, and we'll post them here. Shoppers, check this space and the Franklin Avenue Merchants website for up-to-date information on ways to support your local businesspeople. As for the evening itself, ILFA recommends a lovely dinner at a local establishment followed by the cozy comforts of the Franklin Park Reading Series.

The Park Deli Classic

Seasonal Arrangement of fresh cut flowers in Recycled can.
Our most popular

New can colors

Lidabitt Heart Jellies
Blood-Orange, Cassis, Guava, and Meyer Lemon(Edit)

Crochet Stone Necklaces
Hand made Crochet Necklaces
with stone pendant

Chocolate Poppalardo Sweethearts Deck


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