Saturday, February 26, 2011

One Great Date

Two weeks ago, the lady and I headed to Lily & Fig for Valentine's Afternoon Tea, and were richly rewarded for our efforts (a four-block walk and the anti-Manhattan sum of $16 each). The three-course prix fixe included a light, ever-so-slightly sweet bowl of parsnip and ginger soup (a nice twist on a British classic - this was TEA, after all), three tea sandwiches on homemade bread with a salad of crisp greens and crunchy apples, and, for dessert, a sugar cookie, a rum truffle (the lady like it so much she had to get another), and a sweet mango chutney, washed down with a cup of tea, of course (I went with Yerba Mate - for those who don't know, Lily maintains a wide collection of teas and other infusions). The meal, which we ate in the afternoon sun at the front of the cafe, was prepared by local chef Kendra (a fellow blogger - check her out at Media Harvest), with Lily providing the cookies and truffles.

Lily & Fig doesn't usually offer full meals (though their pot pies are quick, delicious, and filling), but Lily and Kendra are hoping to put together another special event like this sometime soon. If they do, don't miss it - the food was fantastic.

In other Avenue food news, Island Thyme (formerly Bristen's) launches tomorrow at 10 AM for brunch, and the absolutely gorgeous new Chavella's is aiming for a late-March opening.


  1. Miss Lily is a gem. Looks like a great date, indeed!

  2. So Bristen re open

  3. Oh, thanks for the tip on the new spot, I will check it out!

  4. The profiteroles are amazing ! and they will be there tomorrow I was told. Cupcakes are great too - and not too sweet. just learned that the freshly baked breads are there week round - not only on the weekends.No need to go to Vandy anymore for good treats as I used to !