Friday, February 11, 2011

Sunday: Valentine's Afternoon Tea at Lily & Fig

Valentine's Day in NYC can be a world of hurt for your wallet, which is all the more reason to keep things local. If you haven't made reservations yet, ditch the ritzy Manhattan scene on Monday night and have a relaxed Sunday Afternoon Tea at Lily & Fig (and don't forget the flowers at Park Delicatessen).

It's called a "tea," but this is a legitimate meal (a "tea" in the old-school British sense, if you like), featuring three courses from an up-and-coming local chef. Click the second photo above to see the menu - soup, sandwich, and salad, topped off with delicious sweets and treats from Lily's bakery and some tea (of course). The best part? It's only $16 per person and you don't need a reservation. Just come by with your loved ones and some friends and enjoy.

If you absolutely must do something on Valentine's Day proper, you can still keep it in the neighborhood by checking out "Love Stories" at the Franklin Park Reading Series at 8pm on Monday night, with their usual cozy atmosphere and drink specials.

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