Monday, March 07, 2011

Blake Butler at Franklin Park This Tuesday

The Franklin Park Reading Series, recently voted "Best Readings" in the L Magazine's 2011 Brooklyn Bar Awards, is celebrating its second anniversary this month with a double dose of literary talent. This Tuesday, experimental writer Blake Butler launches a four-day marathon reading of his hotly-anticipated new novel There Is No Year, starting at 7pm (click the poster above for more info). The following week, the Series returns at 8pm with five writers to celebrate its birthday in style.

In other local news, the Daily News had a nice piece on French Culinary Institute Chefs teaching cooking to kids in Crown Heights, and the Post had a ridiculous photo of a Camry parked in a McDonald's Playplace on Utica Avenue (it's ok to laugh - no one was hurt, and the driver wasn't a jerk or drunk).