Friday, March 04, 2011

Friday Links - Updated

A few things that came across ILFA's radar in the past few days (thanks to the readers for the two additions):

- The Daily News reports that St. Francis DeSales on Eastern and Classon, the only free school for deaf students in the borough of Kings, will be forced to close if the state goes through with proposed cuts to education budgets (how good of Cuomo to prove that the Republicans don't have a monopoly on slashing state services to the needy, who continue to be hit disproportionately hard by the recession and not bailed out).

- AMNewYork (the slightly-less-trashy free subway rag) quoted a Food Network judge singing the praises of Kelso.

- Nostrand Park has been straying over to Franklin Avenue lately, offering a report on the remarkably well-stocked wine and liquor store at Prospect and Franklin and a review of Island Thyme (formerly Bristen's).


- The fabulous Franklin Park Reading Series earned a mention in the New York Times, with a link to a nice profile/interview of Reading Series founder Penina Roth.

- There's a new restaurant on Franklin, and this one's bucked the trend and opened up south of Eastern Parkway at Union Street. A comment to a recent post asked ILFA to give a little more love to Franklin below the Parkway, so I think a tasty trip to Roti & Dumplings is in order this weekend.


  1. Also- there is apparently a new dumplings and roti place on Union and Franklin whose website looks great and they use biodegrable packaging. Their prices look amazing- has anyone been?


  3. Don't blame Cuomo, blame all the politicians that came before him in this state who fostered a culture of state support that was unaffordable. Also, blame the politicians for selling the needy down the river to lavish ridiculously lucrative contracts on their union buddies who in turn filled their campaign coffers. Cuomo is making the only moves he can make given the situation he inherited.

  4. Eh, I usually avoid overt political statements on this blog for this reason, but I don't agree. Caving to tax-revolting suburbanites and NYC developers by pegging property taxes at/below inflation needlessly impoverishes school districts, and Cuomo came up with that one all on his own. As for the "culture of state support" being unaffordable, that's all political - we're not cutting the state spending that swing voters like.

  5. Let's call it a day and blame globalization for roti, school cuts, wine stores, and Kelso.

    What should we do tomorrow?

  6. Finally tried the chicken roti at roti & dumplings, it's great, but it's not regular roti which is stuffed with potato. Their chicken roti is filled with vegetables and grilled chicken, and the curry sauce gives great flavor. it's more like burrito $4.25 for a chicken roti , that's too cheap.

  7. I like Chinese cold noodle, and always have it whenever I go to Chinatown. Now, Roti & dumplings started it too. It taste lighter, I mean not as spicy as those in Chinatown. I like those toppings, tofu, peanut, egg, grilled chicken. Basic noolde has cucumber, green onion and cilantro for $3.50. A fun for this summer.