Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Landlord Tonight at LaunchPad @ 5pm

This one just in - tonight, the Kings County Cinema Society, the Center for Active Learning, and LaunchPad are hosting a showing of the 1970 classic "The Landlord," shot just down Eastern Parkway in Park Slope. Nostrand Park (lots of shoutouts for NP in the last few posts) incorporated this film into a reflection on neighborhood change about a year ago, but it's not a film that gets shown very often, so check it out for a look back into Brooklyn's past. More from the KCCS guys below:

The Landlord was shot in Prospect Heights and Park Slope in 1970, and is about a privileged white 29 year-old from Westchester who buys a brownstone in what was at the time a ghetto (Prospect Pl. between 5th and 6th Ave. to be exact) and has a series of madcap, funny, erotic, and poignant misadventures with the building's black tenants. I can't think of too many films that tackle gentrification in NYC - or anywhere - but here's a great one that stands as a fascinating time capsule. It was written by Bill Gunn, one of the great blaxploitation writer/directors (Ganja and Hess, The Angel Levine), based on the novel by African-American novelist Kristin Hunter, and directed by Hal Ashby, who followed this one up with the classic Harold and Maude in '71. Center for Active Learning founder Joanna White-Oldham will lead a discussion after the film about what's changed in Brooklyn and what hasn't in the 40 years since the film's release.

"The Landlord remains one of the funniest social comedies of the period, as well as the most human." -J. Hoberman of the Village Voice

Read Roger Ebert's original review here ... though it gives away too much story for my taste.

Sat. 3/26, 5pm
LaunchPad, 721 Franklin Ave, btw Park Pl and Sterling
Crown Heights.
2/3/4/5 to Franklin Ave


  1. I saw it last year at BAM; it is a terrific movie. It's vision could probably never be presented in today's Hollywood; it totally reflects the feelings of the sixties and early seventies. I would love to hear the discussion afterwards. I strongly recommend this movie.

  2. ...for anyone that missed it, the movie didn't come out on DVD, but is on insta-watch for Netflix (but you can't get the disc since it never came out) -- Unfortunately I missed this event, but I'm excited to see the film anyway.