Monday, March 21, 2011

Two Years of Park Delicatessen - Celebrate This Saturday at Tip Top

Has it really been two years since Park Delicatessen opened its one-of-a-kind doors? True to form, the skate-florists-and-more are celebrating their terrible twos with a kickin' FREE party at Tip Top Bar and Grill on Saturday night. I know it's early to start thinking weekend, but when Monday is as gray and miserable as today, what else can you do?

In other news, the new Chavella's spot on Franklin and Sterling is slated to open next week (Nostrand Park got a great photo), and after sampling their wares tonight, I can say the food and drink are as fantastic as the new place looks. More to come on that front soon.


  1. Anymore details to this? Is it an open bar? I hate to sound like a cheap @$$, but when you're looking for work and still want to have a good time occasionally, what choice do you have?

  2. I don't think it's an open bar, just a no-cover event. Drinks are pretty cheap at Tip Top, though.

  3. Hey P D can't find your menu online