Friday, April 29, 2011

Franklin Roadhouse, opening in an hour!

Just walked through the new spot and it looks great! They'll be open late serving pizza, burgers, and beer, with draught pints starting at 3 bucks.


  1. I went last night but for some reason, I couldn't post here. From Brooklynian:

    My findings:
    - Fast service. We ordered a customized pizza and it was cooked in about 15 minutes. Beers were out almost immediately after ordering.
    - Delicious pizza. I'm usually a big "more cheese, more better" person, but this pizza was great even though it was decidedly not super cheesy. We got a large pizza with spinach and the spinach was incredibly fresh and there was a ton of it. It had a thin crust (but not too thin or crispy that it was like Nice Pizza further up on Frankling ... also delicious, but very very thin/crisy)
    - Decent beers. But not great. We got some "Roadhouse Reds" which under further inspection were Killians with a different tap handle. But they had 6point on tap too and had some Porkslap and whatnot in cans. They also had wine.
    - Large Space including a nice yard. When we went 3 tables inside were filled and all 20-ish seats out back were filled too. The inside has a nice vibe of tables with NO bar. Personally, I like that. It's definitely a place to eat and drink - not a bar that also serves food.
    - Self Serve for now. They haven't hired a waitstaff yet, so you order at the counter and bring it yourself. It will be nicer when there is a staff to take orders
    - Other food. In addition to a lot of pizzas and toppings (a plain, large is $14 and toppings are $3 each - although they have pizzas that are already planned out like a Veggie Delight or Hawaiian, etc.) they also have a lot of "bar food" apps like mozz. sticks, fries, jalapeno poppers, etc. and a list of burgers. I was tempted to get the veggie burger ($7.50 WITH fries? If it's decent, they have certainly beat out Dutch Boy for me just by price alone)
    - A stage. They have a very small stage area up front - like maybe open-mic nights or karaoke or something. Who knows...

    So yes. For $23 we got a large pizza with fresh spinach and 2 pints. And we didn't have to cross a single intersection. It's only day one, but they said they'll start take-out/delivery in the next 2 weeks.

  2. what is address?

  3. Yes where is this?