Thursday, April 28, 2011

Franklin Roadhouse - Opening Today!

The Brooklynians have already been chattering about it, and the comments on the post below took me to task for not mentioning it earlier, so . . . Franklin Roadhouse!

I walked past this site back in January when it was just a gutted shell, and the guy out front told me it was going to be a "great hang out spot" serving pizza and wine, and made a point of gesturing across the street at Slice of Brooklyn and saying "it'll have everything they don't." In the interim, though, it's seemed awfully quiet around there (as whynot/MikeF wondered on Brooklynian, did they build it while we were sleeping?), though the owners did apply for a liquor license under their current name in February. I barely noticed anything until the sign went up earlier this week. Maybe they decided they didn't want to compete with Barboncino (where work is rolling along very visibly) and shifted gears to do a BBQ/homestyle joint.

The place has a classic roadhouse look inside - painted, rough wooden tables and booths, old license plates on the wall, a three-sided bar that sticks out off the back wall, and big, old-timey jukebox that plays 45s in the corner - and as Liz mentioned, it looks absolutely ready to open. I'll freely confess that I know nothing about this place beyond what's visible from the street and through the windows (ironically, it was this very site that the Brooklyn Independent Television guys caught me photographing when they came out to do their segment this past winter - so much for the sleuthy neighborhood blogger!). Anyone have any inside info, or even a website/phone number? (UPDATE: See the comment below from Adam - they're opening today).


  1. Hey ILF:

    They were handing out postcards when I was walking to work today -- Official launch is today, 4/28!

    Phone number: 718.622.0019


  2. Anybody try it? Reviews? :]

  3. I went by around 930pm and it wasn't open.

  4. Was in there tonight. Great addition. Meat Lover's pizza was tasty, generous and no grease. Decent beer selection and plenty of people stopping in already.