Thursday, April 14, 2011

Friday Can't Come Soon Enough

Yet another great event this Friday, to go along with Kinetic Cinema (the post below) and the Bob & Betty's opening: the wild and crazy denizens of Brooklynian, specifically those who haunt the Crown Heights Forum, are going bar-hopping! If you're looking to meet good folks in the neighborhood, engage in some - searching for a word - invigorating conversation, and have a beer on a Friday night, click here, or see below:

Let's begin this adventure at 8:00 at Washington Commons.

We will stay there until at least 9:00.

After 9:00 PM, we will be either:

a. still at Washington Commons, OR

b. At Minor Arcana OR

c. at Way Station OR

d. at Franklin Park

Newbies who have never met any of us should look for:

1. Incredibly good looking people
2. This wood sign:

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