Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Local Food Demos at Bob & Betty's

As part of their commitment to keeping their store as local as possible, the Bob & Betty's team is bringing in local companies to tout their wares (follow along on Twitter for the latest updates). Up first was Fourth Creek Foods, whose owner/founder Andy Schiavetti was on hand last night from 5-9pm offering samples of his sweet pepper relish (very tasty). If you missed it last night, he'll be back again, along with other local vendors from the NYC area. You can also check out their website for recipes, and you can pick up their locally-made product at Bob & Betty's.


  1. If Tony hasn't already, he should get a hold of the memberships lists for the local CSAs.

    ....they are in his target market.

  2. Good point, MikeF.

    Also, Nick -- no news on 688 Franklin? (Franklin Roadhouse?) I assumed you would have clued us in, but I walked past today and it looks ready to go! Ketchup was on the tables and the taps at the bar were set and ready. Any news about opening?

  3. Yeah Nick get on the ball!

  4. They totally snuck this one by me . . . I feel like Carlos Beltran in Game 7 back in 2006. Also, since we've clearly got another bar/restaurant opening up on Franklin, does that change opinions about what should come in up the block?