Saturday, April 23, 2011

What Do You Want To See In This Storefront?

Who says there's no such thing as community-minded landlords? Local leaders Kevin and Garnett (you know them from the Franklin Avenue Kids Day, the Franklin Avenue Merchants Association, About Time Boutique, CHCA meetings, and much more) just put their storefront at 733 Franklin up for rent, and they're seeking community input as they search for a new tenant. They're also open to offering up the space for one-off events while it's on the market. More from the landlords below:

Please find attached images of the vacant storefront now available on Franklin Avenue.

Call Kevin 347.693.4482 or Garnett 347.576.4004 for more information.

In addition if you know someone who is looking for a venue, during the rental process, this space will be available.

I'd like to hear what many of the residents/merchants would like to see come to the Avenue. We WILL keep this in mind as potential renters come forth.

Tell a merchant from this/another neighborhood that Franklin Avenue is GREAT for business!


  1. A bookstore!!! A hardware store!! A thrift store!! yea yea yea!

  2. I thought they were opening another restaurant in that space. Have they changed their minds or will that be in another location?

  3. a local "live" music venue for open mics, local acts, etc..

  4. Sandwich shop and prepared foods, salads, etc.

  5. middle eastern/mediterranean food, a book store, a thrift store (like housing works).

    I'd also like a bigger pharmacy with later hours (like King's on Flatbush), but I don't think this storefront is big enough for that.

  6. Ice cream, shave ice and "mocktails" in the summer.

    Soup and hot chocolate in the winter

    Coffee year round.

  7. I think a local pharmacy is really what Franklin's missing right now, but there's no way the space works for it. Some place with a better beer selection would work too. Does Fisher's new incarnation do beer?

  8. I really love the idea of a bookstore but I know it's a tough time for indie booksellers right now!

    I love the idea of a Housing Works kind of place! They could sell books, clothes, and furniture. They could have a space in the back for community events!

  9. Kevin and Garnett? Really?

  10. If it's gonna be a restaurant, how about a Vietnamese sandwich / bubble tea place? We could also use a nice Middle Eastern place.

    If it's not food, how about bike shop? Surely that would do well. I'll also second a thrift / book shop.

  11. Oooo how about a good bagel place?

  12. Strip Club/Gambling spot but in the back room have some of that Kush straight from Jamaica

  13. Kevin Garnett owns property in Brooklyn?! Wow, damn athletes sure know how to waste their money! What about Boston?

  14. Jesus Christ!

    Please, no elitist bike stores. Please stay away hipsters. Can we keep the neighborhood for everyone and not just for college kids and neo-yuppies?

    How about a day care center? Community out-reach center? Something other than trendy food and alcohol?
    There is a decent hardware store on Washington Ave as well as a Home Depot off of the B43 bus going northbound. The book store on Vanderbilt can always use more patronage, it's not far, try walking (or your bike!). No one will open a record store unless they're already rich.

  15. What's missing from Flatbush all the way to Nostrand is a good butcher and/or fish market.

  16. I wrote a super long post and it wouldn't let me post it earlier. Let me try again to remember what I wrote:

    1 - I agree with a butcher/fish market, although as a vegetarian, I can't say I'd support it with my money.

    2 - I agree with a hardware store - I won't shop at MayDay on Washington due to rudeness and overpricedness, and if I have to take a bus to get to a hardware store, I'm probably not going to actually do the chore I was supposed to do. A place near home may motivate me a bit more. The Sisters Hardware place on Fulton is nice, but a bit of a walk.

    3 - A bike shop would be nice. Not sure how it is elitist to want to exercise, but the place on Vanderbilt is nice, but it would be great to have a place in Crown Heights.

    4 - A home-brew supply shop would be cool. It could also sell 6-packs of harder-to-find beers and would do classes on homebrewing, have tastings of local homebrewer's beers, etc. As someone just starting the brewing process, I'd love to have a Crown Heights homebrewing group to taste other people's beers, share recipes, etc. And I think it would draw people from outside of the hood to shop here. Maybe the Brooklyn Brew people would want to set up a shop there themselves? (Although to above-Andy, the beer place on Washington is great)

  17. WRT the pharmacy suggestions… is St Marks too far for you to walk?

    Swan Pharmacy
    650 Franklin Ave 
Brooklyn, NY 11238
    (718) 623-9633

    From Bed-Stuy Patch:
    "This local pharmacy is located in a serene pocket of Bed-Stuy(sic) just off of the Park Place shuttle which runs between Botanic Gardens and Franklin Avenue. Swan Pharmacy has served this community for many years and the current owner has been here for four of them. Most insurance plans are accepted and it also acts as a Money Gram location. While picking up medications plan to process photos and grab a snack."

    It's not just about bringing in new businesses, it's also about supporting the established businesses that have been serving the neighborhood for years.

    Give Swan Pharmacy your patronage!

  18. I heard a pharmacy is opening in the old medical space on the corner of Franklin n St. Marks. A nice pet shop like NYC pets would be nice. And my opinion the strip could use some more GOOD restaurants.

  19. a lot of these comments seem to be lopsided toward incoming youthful, monied (and no offense, but we tend to be self-interested) populations... i am one myself (only two years on franklin so far) but am uncomfortable with requesting more restaurants or more coffee joints or thrift stores. i think we have a rash of restaurants that have come in (or are coming in), there are tons on washington, nostrand deserves some attention, and many of us aren't even in the neighborhood during dining hours most days or eat at home. also, no to a bike shop. if you have a bike, bike to brooklyn bike and board.

    i think a pet shop could be good, but not some super fancy trendy boutique thing. somewhere where you can get standard food, reasonably priced supplies and toys; no need for vegan diets for my kitten.

    there are plenty of pharmacies around, but i can understand why those north of eastern would want something a bit newer/cleaner looking and also open more regularly (and according to the posted hours).

    i would only support another coffee shop if it offered the live music, open mic, etc., suggestion above, and also not have an exclusive feeling like breukelen.

  20. I hope the new pizza place opens soon. I'd wait to see how it does before I invested in anything that capital intensive.

    I do hope the landlords are able to attract a good, high paying tenant. That is a nice property, and there are a lot of businesses that might be able to make enough money there.

  21. I'd love a bagel shop for the neighborhood!

  22. It doesn't matter what we think. It's all about the Benjamin$ for them. I heard they already raised the rent price.

  23. If a pharmacy isn't doable in the small space, how about a pared-down version that has paper supplies, cards, household stuff, etc.?

    On the other extreme, Franklin Ave definitely could use a good cobbler - the guys near my office rob people blind!

  24. New bagel place opening up on st. Marks just 1 house off of Franklin going east. Guy said he will make bagels there. Wi-Fi. Outdoor garden . Estimated opening Aug-Sept.

  25. The candy place sounds great. Franklin Ave is really taking off. More food and shopping and this could really be an entertaining destination to come to. Daycare - Blah! plenty on side streets. And I believe there is a community outreach place there already. Nostrand need desperate help to develop. A few new places of interest are there, but it will take alot to get it back to the vibrant shopping strip it was years ago.