Friday, May 06, 2011

And Now, the Weekend!

Links laziness continues - ILFA shall return in full force next week.

- TONIGHT: Brooklyn-based (with one member in Crown Heights - ILFA loves locals) band People's Champs release their debut EP at Piano's on the Lower East Side. You can snag a free download of their new single at their Bandcamp site.

- TOMORROW: Girl. Scout. Cookies. So very, very tasty. So very, very out of season - except that the local troop is selling them at LaunchPad from 10am - 1pm. They've got 360 boxes to move, so make sure you come down quick for your Thin Mints and Samoas.

- MONDAY: The Franklin Park Reading Series returns with another great lineup. In case you need any convincing about the quality of the series, one of last year's readers, Jennifer Egan, just won the Pulitzer Prize!

- Lincoln Postal, the shipping center that looks like a hip bar on Classon and Lincoln, was handing out flyers on Franklin yesterday, and they have a much more impressive slate of services than ILFA was previously aware of. Did you know that you can do almost everything there that you can do at a US Post Office (but without, you know, braving an NYC post-office)? And that they have self-serve copying and printing, as well as office supplies, moving and packing gear, and mailbox rentals with a real street address (not a P.O. Box) for all you start-uppers? I did not know these things, but this will keep me from crossing Atlantic to the bunker that is the Brevoort Station anytime soon.

- However, there are still plenty of good reasons to venture north into Bed-Stuy, among them the new French Press and Espresso Bar at 505 Franklin (just off the C train), where a slideshow of Bed-Stuy history runs on one wall.


  1. Thanks for the duel-posting! My Girl Scouts really appreciate it!

  2. Yay for Girl Scout cookies. We're already enjoying our Thin Mints!

  3. Thanks to everyone for stopping by! We really appreciate your support!

  4. Regarding the post office - a post woman in Manhattan said our problem was that people in Brooklyn do not complain to the postmaster general in DC. In Manhattan they do - they call they email - and get better service. Something to think about.....