Monday, May 23, 2011

More Photos from the New Ice Cream Place

I stopped in this evening to grab some more photos of the new ice cream and candy store coming in at 733 Franklin, and the place looks great already. With respect to the conversations people have been having on the previous post about this store and, to a certain degree, on the post about community policing, I want to say that I'm ready to put a lot of faith in the ability of these owners to make this store a place that appeals to a wide variety of Franklin Avenue residents. Nothing is going to make everyone happy, of course (nor would it be much of a business plan to try to), but Kevin and Garnett - who together are the driving forces behind About Time Boutique, Collective Concept PR, Social Media For Kids, the Franklin Avenue Kids Day, and the Franklin Avenue Merchants Association - have done as much as anyone in the area to build bridges between people from all walks of life in their corner of Crown Heights, particularly between youth and adults and newcomers and longtime residents. I'm not saying everything's going to be perfect, but given the effort they made to seek community input as they considered possible uses for the storefront and their long track record, I think this place has as good a chance as any to become a favorite spot for many Franklinians.

I don't say this to keep people from making suggestions or voicing concerns, of course - giving voice to these responses is one of the best uses of this blog, and if business owners do read online feedback (and I know some in the area do), it's a way to keep channels of community interaction open. I just want to offer up some hopeful writing as we head into a summer with lots of new businesses opening. On that note, Rosebud Vintage is looking great across the street, and work continues apace on Franklin Avenue Beer and Grocery, the cocktail-and-oyster-bar coming soon on the same block from the owners of Franklin Park and Soda.

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