Wednesday, May 11, 2011

NYPD Raid on Franklin between Park and Prospect

ILFA wasn't an eyewitness, but as readers and the folks on Brooklynian have reported, the hot corner of Franklin and Prospect was hotter than usual last night, with tons of squad cars, officers entering buildings, arrests made (and resisted) ambulances, a visibly upset and angry crowd, and a helicopter hovering overhead (we did hear that one down the street, along with a few sirens). If you know what this was about, pass it along - cursory googling hasn't turned up anything, though over the course of the last week, I've seen more angry/shouting folks outside than usual, and the lady and I have both seen ambulances/fire truck EMTs pull up (the time I caught the scene, someone seemed to have fallen and was unable to get up, though they were conscious).

This block has attracted a lot of NYPD attention over the past few years - I walked right through what appeared to be a narcotics raid about a year and a half ago (additional posts on that incident here and here) and passed a heated argument that ended in arrests a few months later. Anyone have any insights?


  1. I have walked by some seriously disturbing things on that corner. I'm not surprised at all.

  2. I had a friend message me to ask if I knew what was up - he lives just North of there and I live just South. The block always seems angry - it's a very weird vibe on the East side of the street since the West side of the same block always seems quite nice.

  3. I walked by and asked one of the employees at Slice of Brooklyn what had happened—she said that there had been an altercation between a man and a woman and the police came to break it up. (Lots of police, including undercover cops.) Someone resisted arrest and then the police sprayed mace "everywhere."

  4. Olivia ,you are super hot

  5. Took a photo of that chopper yesterday as it kept circling my block. Here's a link:

    Don't know what it was about.

  6. I live in the Jewish Hospital on an upper floor and had a perfect view of the corner as it happened. I saw about half a dozen cops including at least one in a white shirt and tie (under cover or maybe a detective?) on a roof on Franklin about two buildings in from the corner.

    Also, a few days ago I saw two cops on a roof two buildings over from mine on Prospect Ave. They were casually looking around and pointing East at something in the distance. What is going on??

  7. @Anonymous: "What is going on??"

    Summer in Crown Heights.

  8. I have walked right through drugs deals in front of that building... "Hey, watcha need?" "Justa dime" "Shit, I gotta go upstairs and make that!"

    All this with over two dozen worthless (IMO) beat cops walking up and down Franklin... I wish they'd actually do something... stop speeders, red light violations, people riding their bikes in the wrong direction, disorderly conduct (screaming vulgarities at someone else at the top of your lungs), and of course flagrant drug dealing.

  9. Street level busts (per Laurence's suggestion, above) aren't worth much. Sounds like an organized effort of some sort is going down if cops are watching the street from nearby rooftops. The results of this kind of survalience are bound to be more lasting than street level busts.

    Let's stop with the cop bashing. They risk their lives on the streets for us everyday.

  10. Here's an insight: There are a ton of crack heads in those buildings. I would like them to leave.

  11. No there are not a ton of crackheads in the buildings. The increased police presence is due to the change in population. 4 years ago you would see a cop here and there, now they camp out on every corner and right in front of my building on Franklin and Bergen. They didn't give a damn about this place back then but now with the Stadium and influx of money from the hipster population the patrols have increased. They cleaning up the hood for the white folks so they can walk there dogs in peace.

  12. I have no idea about their drug use, but I really hate walking down that block.

    Never have I been cat-called while at the same time had racial slurs yelled at me within a 10-foot span. It almost always has people yelling and screaming - I remember last summer seeing 3 grown men following 2 women down the street (they got off their stoops to follow these women) screaming "f**k you f**gots" at the top of their lungs while the women tried to walk past.
    So yes - the police came over to see what was happening - and they got screamed at to get the f**k off the block.

    Whoever it is - regardless of crack-use or not - that lives on that block makes it incredibly uncomfortable to be there. And I work in East Flatbush, spent a lot of time in Brownsville, and have lived in Crown Heights for years -- and honestly, it's the most unfriendly block I've been on.

  13. i do not like that block at all! it has nothing to do with race. they're always drunk on their stoop & have no respect. i am african american and have lived here for yrs. i want those buildings cleaned out! yuk!

  14. Officers from the 77th pct were present at last nights CHCA mtg.

    They explained that someone took a swing at an officer, the officer then used pepper spray against the person, and a small melee ensued.

    -- 9 cops treated from minor injuries.

    -- A helicopter responded to provide command to the scene

    -- A bunch of people got arrested.

  15. The story from an eye-witness: a woman walked across the street while eating something, and she dropped a piece of paper or bread on the ground. A cop confronted her, and told her to pick up her trash. She said something. The woman's brother saw this from across the street, and approached, with his hands raised, asking CALMLY: 'what's going on? This is my sister.' The cop panicked, took out his club while calling for back up, and within seconds there was a wall of blue, many cop cars, and the helicopters.
    The father of the two people was across the street, and also approached when he saw his kids and the cops. The son was beated. All three were arrested, plus their mother. Many people in the crowd, including a 9-yr-old girl, were maced in their faces.
    The family that was arrested has lived in a house, that they own, on that block, for over 40 years.
    NONE OF THEM 'took a swing' at a cop; the police will say anything they want to justify their actions. And did they say how many residents were treated for minor and serious injuries???
    This is racial profiling and harassment. Period.