Wednesday, May 04, 2011

One More Link - Local Songwriter Stephanie Carlin on Kickstarter

I meant to link this below, but somehow forgot - anyway, local Crown Heights/Prospect Heights (she's right on the border) singer-songwriter Stephanie Carlin is raising money for a self-produced album on Kickstarter. Check her out, and if you like what you hear, you can "be her record label" with a donation (rewarded, per Kickstarter rules, with some goodies).


  1. I thought I knew what good music was. But since having listened to Stephanie Carlin's siren-like voice, my ears have heard heaven and can now no longer subsist among these earthly cacophonies.

  2. i was on the fence about donating until i saw "Stephanie Carlin Is The New Rebecca Black" on youtube. i'm givin this girl a $50 for that.

  3. this is the same person. obviously.

  4. thanks for the plug, nick!

    "siren like," huh... never thought of it that... way...

    - steph