Sunday, May 22, 2011

U-Haul Loses Control On Classon

Reader Scott sent in this photo, taken earlier this morning, of the damage done by an out-of-control U-Haul that totaled 5-7 cars (most of which appear to have been parked) on Classon Avenue between Park and Prospect. It doesn't seem as though anyone was seriously hurt, though they certainly could have been. Anyone have more info?



  2. The cop didn't seem to care, but the accident was mostly the ambulance driver's fault. We were about to cross over Park on the opposite side, and the ambulance turned on its siren AS it barreled through the red light. It must not have seen the U-Haul that was coming through the green light(maybe it was just worried about us not crossing while it passed), and by the time the ambulance stopped, there was no avoiding it. We had to run down Park to avoid debris, and we didn't even know the U-Haul had continued to lose control until we went to check. So yeah, it's kind of hard to give right of way when the ambulance turns on its siren in order to go through a red light as it approaches it (with seemingly nobody in the back...).