Friday, May 27, 2011

Weekend Stuff: More Movies and Sound Tonight, Bike Tune-Ups Tomorrow

(chickens at the Walt L. Shamel Community Garden)

- If you can't get enough film, head over to Gowanus tonight to Littlefield to catch another screening from Kings County Cinema Society (who brought Sidney Lumet to LaunchPad earlier in the week), their Short Film Slam (click the flyer above for more info).

- Force and Flow on Dean hosts their monthly Sound Bath tonight, offering "the healing power of drone instruments," including (for this edition) cello, flute, and singing bowls.

- Tomorrow (Saturday), the Walt L. Shamel Community Garden (Dean between Bedford and Franklin) is hosting a FREE basic bike tune-up event from 11am - 3pm, open to all but specifically for the kids and teens in the neighborhood. They'll also be doing a flat-fixing workshops at 12pm and 2pm.

- Speaking of chickens, a new start-up in Crown Heights, Victory Chicken Corporation, has just launched an ambitious plan to establish 1,000 chicken coops in New York City. From their press release:

"Raising chickens in backyards and community spaces was commonplace across New York City as recently as a few decades ago. As part of the rapidly expanding urban agriculture movement, Victory Chicken is committed to bringing them back, and is offering its standard “Rosie” Package to make it easy for families, roommates, schools, community gardens and everyone else to raise their own urban flock."


  1. Look, there's a reason that people stopped raising chickens in the city. They smell awful, shit everywhere, and they're annoying. Really, really annoying.

    For the sake of your neighbors, leave the poultry to someone else.

  2. Common misconceptions. A well-tended coop won't stink. Poo is contained mostly to the coop and won't pile up if composted once or twice a week (best compost available - better than cow manure). Not sure what you mean by annoying? Hens don't make much noise - maybe you're thinking of roosters (Victory Chicken doesn't provide roosters, which are illegal to keep in NYC). All my neighbors that I've talked to love our chickens. Of course, I slide them a few eggs once in a while...


  3. Noah, do you ever sell your eggs? I'd be very interested in buying them.

  4. Hi Jenny -

    I keep 3 hens - just enough to feed my family. I'd be happy to just give you a half dozen eggs (you can email me at , but on an ongoing basis we're pretty much using all we produce. Have you tried the crown heights egg CSA?