Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Candy Rush Opens Saturday!

You've seen the countdown in their window - now check out the press release:

The Candy Rush Announces Grand Opening Event
Grand opening (open to the public)
Saturday, June 25th, 2011
733 Franklin Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Free Entry 10am-10pm

Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn’s new candy capital!
Brooklyn, NY, June 21st 2011. Apple heads, Bon Bons, Bubblegum Cigars, Lemon Heads, Sugar Daddies and much much more, will all be stocked in the new Candy Store and Ice Cream Parlor coming to 733 Franklin Ave Brooklyn, New York.
The Candy Rush is proud to announce their Grand Opening Celebration on June 25th, 2011. The dessert spot will proclaim Franklin Avenue as Brooklyn’s new candy capital, with its large variety of delectable treats.

The scoop on “The Candy Rush”
The Candy Rush is a vintage Candy Land and Ice Cream shop by day and eclectic event space by night. The founders, Kevin Phillip and Garnett Alcindor, are on the quest to deliver the ultimate treat experience with their vast candy selection and fresh organic ice cream, delivered by Blue Marble Creamery. The Candy Rush will offer thirteen of Blue Marble Creamery’s best tasting flavors. Customers will be able to customize their ice cream selections by adding their favorite fruit and candy toppings. The candy store also offers homemade juices, root beer floats, milkshakes and fresh brewed coffees topped with your favorite ice cream.
The 1200 square foot dessert spot showcases handmade countertops, tabletops and a candy-coated bench, built with actual candy. Guests can eat out doors on the beautiful deck.
At The Candy Rush, a container of ice cream can range from $2.50-$4.00. Homemade juices made by Chef Shani Porter, will be $2.50 for 12 ounces, and $2 between 3pm-5pm on weekdays. The candy store is stocked with an assortment of candy, including hard-to-find vintage candy and modern day favorites. Customers can choose to purchase various candy combinations starting at $8.00/lb. The candy store will also sell made-to-order candy gift baskets, great for any occasion.
Grand Opening Event
Lets get the confetti and sprinkles; ice cream lovers of all ages are invited to come celebrate! The grand opening celebration will officially kick off on Saturday, June 25th at 10am. The first one hundred scoops of ice cream will be FREE for attendees.
Creditable press and bloggers will receive an all-access pass, in which they receive free samples and gift bags.

The Candy Rush, located 733 Franklin Ave Brooklyn, New York, between Park Place and Sterling Place is open Monday through Saturday 10am-10pm and Sunday 11am-6pm. There is convenient access to the Franklin Ave/Botanical Gardens subway station, not to mention blocks away from the Brooklyn Public Library, Botanical Gardens and the Brooklyn Museum.
The Candy Rush is available for hosting events of all sizes, and offers customization of any occasion.
Contact Information
Sade Jennings
733 Franklin Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238


  1. That's awesome! Go Kevin & Garnett! All of Franklin Ave. is going to be there - what a great business for our neighborhood.

    Also, glad they included fresh juices - nature's candy!

  2. Yeah!

    @Kevin - Be sure to stock PEZ?... and Zotz?

  3. I'm confused:

    "Grand opening... Free Entry 10am-10pm"

    erm? paid entry after Saturday??? ;-)

  4. I think that just means that it'll be a special event (free samples, music, etc etc) but it won't cost anything at the door.

  5. How do bloggers get access? I live nearby and could possibly cover their opening. Let me know!

  6. Do our kids/adults really need to be eating more refined sugar?

  7. Dear Anonymous (6:04 PM),

    Sometimes people just want some candy, but for you I'd suggest nature's candy - fresh juices! I think it's great how the selection appeals to everybody.

    best of health, Anonymous (6/22 8:38 AM)

  8. Food police are super annoying. Ice Cream and candy are perfectly fine if eaten infrequently and I think it's great that we will have an ice cream option in the neighborhood that can be purchased by the scoop and is truly made from all natural ingredients. I end up tossing entire pints and half gallons of ice cream because I had an urge for the creamy cold stuff, but usually can't eat through it all before freezer burn.

    Oh...and the candy cigars aren't a bad addition. :-)

  9. completely psych'd, and will probably become a regular.

    Yet another vacant storefront is put to use.

    Blue Marble is yummy :)

    P.S. Don't worry, I won't give any of my ice cream a kid.

  10. You guys have been the best with support and love! I'm reading the responses and cannot stop smiling. Thanks guys... thanks for being there for Kev and I they way all of you have. Of course nervousness is kicking lol. I've always been a kid at heart and LOVE candy while kevin is an ice cream fanatic. Both of our craving finally meet on Franklin Ave. Honestly, the best part is c'n people's eyes light up! I can read their lips from inside saying "WHOAAAAAA" LOL. Last night this one kid dropped his scooter and made a dash into the store while his mom ran behind him. All we could do was laugh.. it was amazing. It really reminded me as a kid. I always had a brown paper bag stuffed w/sour powers on my way to school KNOWING my mom asked me not to. Always kept a stash in my closet LOL awweee man i miss those days. It's just a feel good type of food. Even the police officers came by for a scoop... it's a little hard to resist. I'll always love my bodega pints but it's something about getting waffles and ice cream or a scoop that makes me smile. we're having a live mixer throughout the day on saturday and of course the deck is awesome. Yes, we'd love for the bloggers and press to stop in. I was telling Nik a few weeks ago that we need to have some type of an awards ceremony for Brooklyn's Best Bloggers. I'll look into that of course. I'm thinking of possibly hosting something for all of you wonderful bloggers. What will I do without these wonderful posts and beautiful responses? I hope all of you and my community come out to support on saturday.... opening up a new business is exciting but a lot of work, sleepless nights, late nights and microwaveable dinners(lol). it's a sacrifice that was totally worth it. I hope it brings smiles to everyone's faces as it does to ours. We created a suggestion box so i can please as many as i can. I'll try my best. i think 100 kids has asked for a position in the last 48hrs... i swear i just love it. one of my favorites was watching a mom tell her daughter all of her favorite candies as a kid. Michelle, Chef from Dutch Boy Burger, always comes in for her Pop Rocks fix LOL i love her. ALLLL of MySpace Realty was there last night, Veggies, the Tattoo crew, The Beauty Bar, Rosebud Vintage, CHCA, NIK, Kelso's, Pulp & Bean, neighbors and many others were there loving the waffles & ice cream. I had a BALL serving them. It felt good seeing so many believing in us. This is for all the big kids at heart and the little kids who skip while eating their gummies! lol. I'm a BIG KID TOO. please excuse the length or errors. just wanted to share this with u guys. see ya saturday!

  11. Congrats to you, Garnett! Your comment (and store) totally brought me back to my childhood. Sugar Daddies? I'm there. What a great addition to the nabe!

  12. Best ice-cream I've ever had!

  13. I ate ice cream on Saturday, and made sure to share none of it with any children.

    Mint chocolate chip. $4

  14. I stopped in on Saturday morning, but couldn't convince myself that ice cream at 11am was a good idea....but I'll be in this week since I saw they had Blue Berry!! It looked wonderful and I can't wait to have some ice cream!
    - Liz

  15. Ok, another update: I stopped in for an ice cream cone on my way home from work and was delighted that it was less than $3 for a cone! That's as good as the annoying truck with the music and it's waaaay better ice cream! So excited that they're open!

  16. I stopped in for cones and candy Saturday morning with my family. The blueberry ice cream was delicious! I loved the decor, including backyard and pachinko. The owners were relaxed and welcoming and playful. Congratulations on a fine opening day! Jon

  17. Hooray! Ice cream, candy and a fetishized nostalgia for days gone by! It sickens me that a store like this would open to such fanfare by a select minority of people in an overwhelmingly Afro-Caribbean-American community. A community, mind you, that is ravaged by diabetes, obesity and the general -itis that comes from eating such unhealthy foods (yes, even fruit juices are high in sugar). You aren't supporting the neighborhood, you're supporting bad habits. You're not developing the neighborhood, you're destroying it. Isn't there any retail space in Williamsburg with your name on it? The love all things precious up there, even the kinds that kill minorities.