Monday, July 11, 2011

Help Bring a Bike Lane to Franklin!

(Editor's Note: I've started putting myself in italics when I'm copying a lot of text, instead of the other way around). The folks at the Crow Hill Community Association are passing the following petition around - you can find copies to sign at Dutch Boy Burger, Had Associates, Franklin Park, and The Candy Rush. You can also print out a copy of this exact language and sign it (name and address), share it with your friends and neighbors, and hand it in at one of the above locations. A continuation of the Franklin Bike Lane would be great for everyone who uses the Avenue, including drivers, because as is they have to navigate around bikes in a very narrow, poorly-marked, not-quite-two-lane space. A lane makes it safer and easier for everyone, and would help bring more foot and bike traffic to the area's businesses.


We, the undersigned support Crow Hill Community Association’s proposal to convert the 2 existing traffic lanes on Franklin Avenue between Atlantic Avenue and Eastern Parkway to 1 lane of vehicular traffic and 1 designated bike lane. This would make traffic conditions on Franklin Avenue safer for pedestrians as well as create a secure thoroughfare for cyclists continuing on Franklin to Crow Hill/Eastern Parkway/Prospect Park from the designated Franklin Avenue bike lane that currently exists north of Atlantic Avenue.



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  2. There needs to be some self-policing now of people riding the wrong way up Franklin... bike lanes, unless specially designated are ONE-WAY people! Even worse when they can't bother to go to/from Dean or Bergen to ride in the correct direction. Sorry for the rant but MANY cyclists in this city abuse the traffic laws and bike lanes set up to allow them to bike more safely.

  3. This would be great. Recently started recreational biking, this would help me get over my fear of riding in the street. On another note, the BF's bike got stolen a few weeks ago. It was stolen between 10-11 pm, on a weeknight, while it was relatively busy. I can't believe noone saw anyone prying the gate apart. C'mon, if you see something, say something.

  4. To the person above me: people who steal bikes do it so flawlessly and quickly that it's hard to notice. it's ridiculous! I got my bike seat stolen in my own apartment courtyard when it was locked up over night. A guy I knew got his bike stolen while riding the staten island FERRY. Seriously, how is it possible for someone to steal a bike on a ferry and get away with it?!

  5. Yes! We absolutely need the bike lane to continue up Franklin Ave. past Atlantic! I agree with the other poster that bikers abuse roads and lanes, by the way. Some bikers think just because they're not a car they can weave in and gives bikers a bad rep! We need to cooperate! Bikers, pedestrians, and cars need to work together! After all, we all live here and we're all trying to get somewhere!