Saturday, August 13, 2011

Farmlandia - A Crown Heights Documentarian Looks at Farming and Food

Check out this fascinating new project from local filmmaker Jan Weber, who's already put together one film on the topic (and who also made a fabulous video of the Kids Day last year). Check out the blurb below from her website, and if you like the project, consider becoming a supporter on Kickstarter.

What is Farmlandia?
Farmlandia, a documentary-in-progress, began a decade ago when Jan Weber first started documenting the troubled fields and farms of Central Iowa. She recorded many stories there, which resulted in her first documentary, the award-winning As We Sow. But she did not stop there. Continuing to shoot over the years, she expanded her reach to Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Colorado, North Carolina, and New York where she continued to document changes in our food system from the perspective of farmers, ranchers, and other residents of rural communities.

Farmlandia is the natural outgrowth of the story started 10 years ago of what we have reaped over a decade of remarkable change—good and bad.
This new documentary expands the scope even further and offers a rare look into the realities of our evolving agricultural system as experienced by the farmers whose decisions have helped shape it.

Farmlandia will take us cross-country, from East New York to West Texas, in search of the farms and farmers of Farmlandia, USA. Where is it? Who farms there? What do they farm and why do they farm that way? How have they survived or not, adapted or not? What choices have they made and how do these choices affect us all?

To find the answers, Jan will drive some 5,000 miles visiting and revisiting farms of every kind and size—from 6ooo acres of cotton to 6 acres of organic vegetables, from 80 grass-fed cows to a dairy that milks 32,000 cows a day, from 30 free-range sows and their piglets to 3,000 hogs in confinement—talking to farmers and ranchers about their choices and about their lives.

will grow into an hour-long documentary that combines archival footage shot over the course of a decade with new footage to be shot in the summer and fall of 2011.

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