Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Openings on Franklin

Great to see so many people at the CHCA meeting last night - a recap of that, with some useful links, is on the way this evening. In the meantime, Away We Go Postal is now open (in the old Bristen's space,) as is the Neptune Diner II on Classon. Has anyone been to either yet? Barboncino, 739 Franklin, (more coming on this new spot in the next day or two as well) and Franklin Avenue Beer and Grocery are all hoping for October openings, and Petezaaz on Classon is underway, too.


  1. More local businesses = the chance for more locals to work locally.

    Some of them sound yummy as well.

  2. Im not going to say what everyone else has already said, but I do want to comment on your knowledge of the topic.

  3. This is one of the stranger spam/public service announcements I've ever seen . . .

  4. Franklin avenue beer and grocery d b a The Crown Inn

  5. I ate at Neptune last weekend. Nice people, but they have to work out some of the kinks. There was a good showing of diverse people (in both race and age).

  6. I am loving the Neptune Diner!

  7. On the site of your former Tiny Urban Park, no less! I'm glad to hear it did not perish in vain (and the transportable stuff did get re-used at the CHCA garden, too, so that's a double-plus).

  8. PeteZaaz is doing a pop-up tonight at No. 7s.
    Monday oct 17 7pm-10pm
    7 Greene at Fulton

    We will be rolling out our Margherita and our Cold Fried Chicken pizzas while we are waiting for our opening delays to pass.

  9. Hey Everyone

    We are proud to say that we open this Sunday December 11th.
    We were waiting on National Grid and finally got set up with gas on Wednesday.
    We will be cooking all weekend to get everything ready and to cook for ourselves and our families but Sunday, $1 slices all day. The Website goes live on Saturday. Look for the menu. Pete Glen and the rest of the gang are very happy with what we've come up with and there will be specials to come. We hope you love it.
    Thanks and hope to see you soon
    Mac Pohanka
    Manager of PeteZaaz