Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Barboncino Opening Tomorrow?

It's been a long time coming, but both the lady and I noticed that the paper was gone from the windows at Barboncino today as we walked home from the train, with a sign posted that read "Private Event Tonight, Come See Us on Wednesday." The place looked great from what I could see peeking in through the windows - can anyone with inside info confirm that, after over a year of anticipation, the eagle is landing on Wednesday? If it does, send reviews along!


  1. Soft opening is Oct 5th.

    Grand Opening is Oct 6th


  2. We were there last night. The place looks amazing, and is really spacious -- I didn't appreciate how big it was from the glimpses I got through the papered windows. Our food was quite good. They still seem to be working out a few glitches to their system, but our food came out relatively quickly, and our server was very nice. Apparently there was a mixup when they put in our order which resulted in a slight delay (we hardly noticed), but they comped the meal as a result. Overall, we had a great experience and will definitely be back. A fine addition to the neighborhood!

  3. there tonight for a margherita pizza - absolutely scrumptious! the dough tasted doughy and fresh (not burnt as is sometimes the case with a brick oven)and the sauce was sweet and tomato-ey. great price, quick service, and free wifi to boot!

  4. got a pie to go last week. it was delicious - each component (cheese, sauce, crust) was just right. i wish they would do slices, though. i would end up spending about $10-15 per week on slices but will probably only get a pie every couple of weeks.