Friday, October 21, 2011

Crown Heights Survey from a Social Work Student

(At Tuesday's CHCA meeting, social work graduate student Heather Day introduced herself and mentioned that she's conducting a study of the area as part of her degree. Being a grad student myself, I'm inclined to assist a fellow traveler, so below, you'll find the complete survey that she's been asking locals to complete (if, of course, they're so inclined). If you'd like to help her out, you can reach her with replies to these questions at hday09 {at} gmail {dot} com. Feel free, also, to share thoughts about one or more of these questions in the comment thread below, whether in the form of responses to them or ideas for questions you'd like to see asked an answered in a study of Crown Heights.)

I am a grad student at Fordham Lincoln Center for Social Work and am working on a paper now which examines the many facets of Franklin ave and the surrounding community. I will be sharing it with my professor and anyone else interested, but am not seeking any sort of publication and will respect the confidentiality of people who share their thoughts. If people would like to talk individually, I am open to emailing.

Below is a list of questions - I've tried to put the ones I'm most interested in towards the top. It would be very helpful if, in the comments section when people respond (or in email responses), they could list their gender, age, race/ethnicity, and cross streets (or at least whether or not if they live in the vicinity of Classon-Franklin-Bedford between Eastern Parkway and Atlantic).  

Questions below - thank you!

What do you call this neighborhood? Have you heard it called anything else? Why the different names?
What do you see as the neighborhood's greatest strengths?
What do you see as the neighborhoods greatest struggles and areas for improvement?
Whose responsibility is it to improve the neighborhood (police, long term residents, new residents, business owners, youth, elderly, etc)
On a scale of 1-5, 5 being safe and 1 being dangerous, how  comfortable do you feel walking down Franklin ave? Why? Does the time of day effect your comfort level?
Do you see the police presence as mostly helpful or mostly harmful?

How long have you lived here? Why did you move here?
Do you spend leisure time in the neighborhood? If so where? If not, why?
Do you go to Franklin Park, 95 South, or any other bars in the neighborhood? What do you prefer and why?
Where do you get food and why?
Do your children go to school locally or do you teach locally? Why/why not. Rating of school?
To what extent would you describe it as racially/culturally segregated or integrated?
Does the West Indian Day Parade have a positive or negative impact on the community?
If it could be anything, what would you like to see in the open space behind the construction barriers on the corner of Franklin and Eastern Parkway?

How long do you see yourself living here? Why?
How do you feel about new restaurants, vintage/gift shops  etc? Barboncino, Chavellas, Gueros, Candy Rush, Winot, Lily & Fig, Rosebud Vintage, Owl and Thistle. Do you frequent them?
Do you spend time at the BK museum or the Botanic Gardens? Launchpad or Five Myles Gallery?
Employed/Unemployed/Searching/In School?
If you work, is it in the community or elsewhere?  If you work here, do you live here or elsewhere?
How well is your building maintained?

Do you recycle?
 Are there noise issues in the neighborhood? If so, explain
How do you get information about local happenings?
To what extent are drugs a problem? Guns? Homelessness?
Do you vote? Are there other ways you are involved in neighborhood development?


  1. Thanks for posting, Nick, and thanks to everyone responding!