Saturday, October 08, 2011

It's Panama Day!

Columbus Day Weekend on Franklin Avenue means it's time for the Panama Day Parade, an annual celebration of all things Panamanian  in what was, historically, the nation's largest Panamanian neighborhood. If you're on the Avenue, you can already hear it and see it, a fantastic spectacle including drum and bugle lines, traditional white outfits, the red, white, and blue of the Panamanian flag, and some extremely delicious food (Kelso, as usual, is the epicenter of the culinary experience, though you'd be hard-pressed to get inside today). If you're further afield, today is a great day to stroll down Franklin!

Later in the day, LaunchPad's also got some fun stuff going on, with a Halloween Costume Swap at 4pm and Songs and Sounds at 8pm. 


  1. It seems like a lovely parade. I just wish it wasn't on yom kippur, the most important Jewish holiday of the year, and that I wasn't stuck on my block (Bergen btw Franklin and classon) and unable to get out via car, nor let the relatives I am expecting in. It's inconsiderate at best, and anti-Semetic at worst.

    1. Let's not go with the worst. It was never they're intention to be anti-Semetic. These days no matter what you do or when you have an event someone takes offense. Lighten up, anonymous

  2. As this is the most important Panamanian holiday of the year your comment is inconsiderate at best, and anti-Panamanian at worst.

  3. This is melting pot of many religions and ethnic backgrounds. It upsets me when people can not appreciate that multiple important events can occur at the same time. This is traditionally a Panamanian neighborhood. It is not anti anything for people to celebrate their independence. On this day of atonement, maybe being open and accepting of the people around you is a good idea.
    In a spirit of neighborly and brotherly love,

  4. The food carts in front of Prospect Heights HS were yummy.

  5. I like rice and beans