Friday, October 14, 2011

Occupy Brooklyn Tomorrow at Grand Army Plaza (and other weekend events)

If you haven't heard, there's a local gathering tomorrow to complement the citywide marches that are taking place over the weekend. There's been some action in Brooklyn already around foreclosures (which continue to take place at a cruelly high rate in the borough of Kings), and tonight's PDHR talk at Bar Sepia (see the post) should be very interesting for those looking to learn more about this movement. You can also check out the Occupy Brooklyn FB page and, of course, and

Here's the invite that's been making the rounds on the internet:

To whom it may concern,

Tomorrow, Saturday the 15th, at 11am a rally will take place in Grand Army Plaza to make Brooklyn's voice heard in support of the growing Occupy Wall Street movement. The gathering will bring together voices from across Brooklyn who want to express that they will not tolerate the wealth disparities and blatant economic injustice that plagues our country and city.
We would like to ask you to join us tomorrow.

Also, don't forget the good work that Seeds in the Middle is doing tomorrow at the Field to Fork Festival, the Crown Heights Film Festival, or daffodil planting with the CHCA on Sunday.


  1. I hope the Brooklyn version of OWS has a leader and clear, actionable goals.

    Chanting "Stop Greed" and "We Want Social Justice" usually doesn't get much achieved.

    1. why these issue are happen. Is this walk out from the front of the Prospect Heights Parking.

  2. Mike, have I mentioned how much I love you?

  3. 9:13-
    I must inform you I am happily married.