Thursday, October 13, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Conversation at Bar Sepia TOMORROW NIGHT

(Updated - the event, as pointed out below, is tomorrow night. Go check out the Crown Heights Film Festival tonight).

Another interesting event tomorrow night (Friday) from Prospect Heights Democrats for Reform. ILFA's politics are pretty obvious at this point, but suffice to say that we're in favor of anything that a) pushes issues of economic inequality and injustice into the public sphere and b) demonstrates that popular discontent is not the sole province of the Tea Party. Without further ado:

Are you curious about Occupy Wall Street?

Are you too busy to drop by Zuccotti Park to see what they are all about?

Join the conversation about Occupy Wall Street right here in Prospect Heights!

Come meet Nelini Stamp, a Working Families Party Organizer by day and an Occupy Wall Street organizer by night.  Stamp has been spending her nights at Zuccotti park for weeks and has played an integral part in organizing the protest. Stamp will be available to answer all our questions over a beer.  Check out an interview with her here:

October 14th

Bar Sepia
234 Underhill Ave.
between Eastern Parkway & Lincoln Place
Brooklyn, NY 11238


  1. This looks awesome! So psyched that my neighborhood is coming together like this! Point of clarification, is the meeting tonight the 13th, or tomorrow night the 14th?

  2. I wonder if anyone who lives in CH North is in the 1%?

  3. I've been hoping to do a longer post about just this for awhile, but I've been too lazy. Suffice to say from what I've seen of the census data, it's unlikely that there's much of anybody in even the top 10%.