Thursday, October 20, 2011

Three for Thursday: Occupy Brooklyn Brings the General Assembly to Franklin Avenue

(There are three great events happening today: a 2010 Census Redistricting Panel, an Occupy Brooklyn General Assembly on Franklin Ave, and the SOS Crown Heights Peace March).

Occupy Brooklyn, our home borough's branch of the nationwide phenomenon launched by Occupy Wall Street, is bringing their particular flavor of direct democracy - a General Assembly - to 613 Franklin Avenue tomorrow at 7pm. If you care about the issues this movement has come represent, most notably economic inequality, there's no better way to get involved.

From their FB invite (which already has 75 attendees):

Come one, come all to the next General Assembly of Occupy Brooklyn. We would like for these meetings to be representative of the Brooklyn community at large, so we hope that people all of backgrounds living anywhere in Brooklyn will come out.

A team appointed at the first GA has identified a location and time and has offered a proposed agenda. At the GA, all members will be able to propose further agenda items, and vote on a final agenda at the beginning of the meeting.

Invite Your Friends and Family in Brooklyn!!!

Proposed Agenda:

-Basics of the GA, why and how this is participatory
-Finalize Agenda
-Brief Announcements and Check-ins about what work is already being done in Brooklyn
-Relationship to OWS
-Should we occupy?
-Possible direct actions
-Identify working groups
-Divide into working groups

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