Monday, November 14, 2011

Two Missing Children In Brooklyn

Two readers have contacted me recently about missing children in Brooklyn. The flyer above appeared on the C Train platform at the end of last week, and the information below was forwarded to me today. If you have any information about either of these young women, please contact the relevant authorities.

My daughter's friend and our neighbor's granddaughter Allie Loftis ran away from her home in Boston and took a bus to NYC last friday. She has been missing over a week now, but was spotted by police on video on wednesday in times square, and possibly also by a store assistant in Barnes and Noble on 7th avenue in Brooklyn.

Her family are searching NYC looking for her all day and night, and I'm trying to spread the word, especially in Brooklyn as that is the neighborhood she knows best, having visited her grandparents here often, and spent time with my daughter Soledad.

Pictures and contacts are on the following:
and more info at:

Please keep a look out for her, and if you see her try and talk to her and let her know how worried her family is, or take a photo of her and email it to or call the New York City Missing Persons squad at 212-694-7781.

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  1. Hello Nick, Thank you for posting this. I just heard they found Alli safe,this morning, in Jersey City in a 42 year old man's house. Here is a link to the report I found....

    Thank you again,