Saturday, November 19, 2011

Weekend Links

(Franklin the Turkey at the Prospect Park Zoo, Sixpoint Comes to Bob & Betty's)

 - Great to see so many people from the neighborhood out marching yesterday. The Avenue was well-represented out there.

- It was fun, also, to come home to free samples from Sixpoint Brewery at Bob & Betty's last night.

- The Prospect Park Zoo has a turkey named FRANKLIN! Incredible. You can see Franklin (named for Benjamin Franklin - as the Avenue, presumably, is as well - who suggested the wild turkey as our national bird) at the Zoo this weekend and next, if you're looking for some kid-friendly entertainment.

- Finally, if you're doing Thanksgiving locally and want to keep things healthy and tasty, let Juice Hugger Cafe help you out. The new natural foods spot on Rodgers has a complete meal and/or sides (all vegetarian) available for delivery on Turkey Day. See the flyer below or head to their website for more details.

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  1. 'Franklin' is awesome! Glad he's not going to get eaten though. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.