Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays From ILFA

Wherever you are and whoever you're with, happy holidays! In the spirit of holiday giving, I wanted to share these three appeals:

- The FDNY is collecting donations for the firefighters who were seriously injured fighting a fire in Crown Heights last week. 

- SOS Crown Heights are doing great work (violent crime is down 60% in their catchment area since they launched the program), but they still had to hold a shooting response yesterday. Support their efforts to keep Crown Heights peaceful here

- LaunchPad continues to expand their slate of programs along the Avenue, offering great free events nearly every day of the year. They've only received $4,000 in support to date, less than one month's operating expenses, but they've still cobbled together an incredible few years. Support their arts and community programming here (be sure to designate "Launchpad" as your recipient at the bottom of the page)

Finally, it wouldn't be an ILFA post without some notes about new businesses on the horizon. In 2012, Franklin will get its first baby store, Stork, and Prospect Heights Patch reports that Colala (Chinese and Japanese restaurant) will be open even before 2011 is over. 

Happy holidays to all!


  1. The Patch is slow; Brooklynian states Colala opened about a week ago.

    I hope LaunchPad gets a fee structure, so it will not have to depend upon donations. ...they could make the fees based on income if they wanted, but donations are rarely enough,

    Likewise, I fear the little stores like Owl and Thistle are not doing enough business to survive. If they are only doing the amount of business I perceive, they may be wise to close after this season to cut their losses.

    ...these places might not be around long enough to benefit from the continued influx of people able to pay more in rent.

  2. Ditto the clothing store, Rosebud Vintage. Unless she is doing a lot of business on line, I don't see her doing the level of business it takes to pay rent on an ongoing basis.

  3. No scrooge here. I just want both proprieters to take a hard look at whether their businesses are sustainable. Too often, people continue to try to make something work that simply won't.

    Only the proprieters know if they are actually losing money, and how long they can continue at their present level of sales.

    I hope all of the local merchants are making enough to stay in business. If they are not, I hope they are able to quickly adapt. sucks to renovate a space largely for the benefit of the next tenant.

  4. Impressive post and I had a great time reading it. Big thanks for sharing and keep posting.

    Charles A

  5. A baby store? GROSS!!!

  6. Can the drop in crime really be attributed to the work of SOS? It'd be cool if that is the case, but it seems possible that other factors are at play.