Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shopping Local For Gifts

(Gift Baskets from The Candy Rush, Vinyl Cruisers from Park Deli)

So, yeah, I keep harping on this, but there are so many great places out there in Crown Heights for holiday shopping, and I'm going to keep shouting them out, especially since the Franklin Avenue Merchants put up the lights along Franklin, which were all aglow as I walked home this evening. Beyond the two photos and linked above, don't forget to check out the final installment of Built in Brooklyn this Saturday at LaunchPad from 12-6pm. If you must miss it, you can pick up many of their wares at Owl & Thistle General Store, which has been working hard to support local craftsfolk. Franklin's also got a pair of fun and funky vintage shops (Rosebud Vintage and Lasting Impressions) to check out. There's more to shopping than finding the best deal - keeping your dollars local builds relationships, strengthens local organizations, and helps create more local jobs. With great stuff on offer right here, what's not to like?


  1. Enjoy the post - thanks! I wouldn't call Rosebud Vintage & Lasting Impressions thrift stores though. More like vintage clothing & antique furniture stores (with careful editorializing of their stuff & prices that reflect that).

  2. True, true - fixed that, thanks.